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S 5 versabracket 47

 S-5!® VersaBracket™ 47 can be used to mount virtually anything to a through-fastened metal panel roof system where the major rib height is 1.25" or less. No messy sealants to apply! No chance for leaks! The VersaBracket™ comes with factory-applied sealant already in the base for a water-tight attachment.

For exposed-fastened metal roofs the VersaBracket™ is the perfect match for the S-5!® ColorGard® bar-style snow retention system. VersaBracket™ is extremely economical and facilitates quick and easy installation.

Installation requires three (3) #14x1-1/2" wood screws per bracket when fastening into wood decking and two (2) 1/4-14x1-1/2" metal screws per bracket when fastening into metal purlins.  Contact us for more details for your specific installation.

Requires the use of UNpunched ColorGard bar with VersaClips.  VersaBrackets are NOT compatible with Punched ColorGard bar.

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  • Mill Finish Aluminum

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