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Thank you for your interest in Rocky Mountain Snow Guards!

Snow guard layout and design and snow fence layout and design are best managed by experts. The team at Rocky Mountain Snow Guards would be happy to recommend products for your specific project and provide project specific layouts for any of our products. Let us work the project for you by preparing the layout at no extra charge to you.
What may we help you with today?
  • If you would like a FREE layout & quote from our team of roof snow retention experts, we will need more details from you, so choose "FREE Layout & Quote Request". 
  • If you'd just like to get in touch with us or get some basic product information, select "General Information" and we'll ask you fewer questions. 
  • For architects, select "Architectural Snow Retention Plan Request" to get a tailored set of questions for your needs.
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Roof Type Information
New or Existing Roof?
Snow retention will be installed at the same time as the new roofing material.
Retrofit installation - snow retention is being added to the previously installed roofing material.