Fence-Style Snow Guards

Fence-Style Metal Snow GuardsRocky Mountain Snow Guards manufactures the highest quality metal snow guards and roof snow fences in the industry. Our Fence-Style Snow Guards provide many options for extremely durable roof snow retention on any roof type.

In many situations, roof snow guards alone are not enough to handle larger snow retention loads, nor will they help in special situations like roof solar panel installations, where installation of snow guards is impossible.  To mitigate snow sliding in these situations, we use "pipe-style" snow fences.

Depending on your type of roof, these snow fences are installed using different methods, primarily divided into "Clamp-to-Seam Snow Fences" for standing seam metal panel roofs and "Bolt-Down Snow Fences" for mounting directly to the roof.

Clamp-to-Seam Fence-Style Snow Guards

Clamp-to-seam Fence-Style Snow Guard system components

Effective snow retention for Standing-Seam Metal Roofs is easily installed using versatile, non-penetrating standing-seam clamps. These exceptionally strong, easy-to-install aluminum clamps are designed to engage the seam using included setscrews that do not penetrate the seam metal so they do not compromize the structure of the roof materials.

Aluminum tubing "pipe-style" snow retention components are supported with vertical brackets that are affixed to the appropriate standing seam clamps. Several types of clamps are available to fit just about any standing-seam metal roof panel configuration, providing a great deal of flexibility for almost any kind of metal standing seam profile, even horizontal seams.

NOTE: Depending on the snow loads and roof configuration, more than one clamp to seam snow fence may be required. Consult with the experts at Rocky Mountain Snow Guards for the best layouts for your specific roof's snow retention needs.

Bolt-Down Fence-Style Snow Guards

Bolt-Down Fence-Style Snow Guard components

The Bolt-Down Snow Fence System is ideal for situations where the roof pitch or snow load is too great for snow guards by themselves. They will provide the optimum amount of protection and are designed to be bolted directly down into the roof support structure.

Rocky Mountain Snow Guards offers bracket configurations for just about any type of commercial and residential roof. Many varieties of bolt-down brackets are available to provide durable and highly effective snow retention for snow loads from light to very heavy. Mounting from two to three aluminum tubes, the Bolt-Down Snow Fence System can be adapted to nearly any roof in nearly any snow load environment.

The No-Flash and Single Ply series of bolt down snow fence brackets are installed in situations where concealing the fasteners is desired.  

NOTE: Bolt-Down Snow Fences may be installed in combination with a suggested layout of Snow Guards for the most effective full-roof snow retention plan. Consult with the experts at Rocky Mountain Snow Guards for the best layouts for your specific roof's snow retention needs.

Standing-Seam Clamps

Standing-seam clamp placement example

The basis of the Clamp-to-Seam Fence-Style Snow Guard system are the aluminum S-5!® Standing Seam Clamps that affix directly to the vertical seams of Standing Seam Metal Panels without penetrating the seam. Using rounded-tipped setscrews (included), the clamps are positioned directly along seams. A wide variety of clamps are available for almost any standing seam metal panel roof profile configuration.

These easy-to-install clamps provide exceptionally strong mounting points for the various snow fence brackets.

Bolt-Down Fence-Style Brackets

Bolt-down Fence-Style bracket installation example

Bolt-Down Fence-Style Snow Guard Brackets are mounted directly onto the roofing surface. Nearly any type of roof can be mounted with the appropriate type of bolt-down bracket.

These aluminum L-shaped brackets are very strong and are mechanically fastened with appropriate roofing screws or bolts, depending on the application surface.



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