Solar Panel Roof Installation

Snow Guards for Solar Panel Roof Snow Retention

When solar panels are installed on a roof, they can cause significant roof snow and ice avalanches in areas where the building or home owner has not had any issues in the past. We have a couple of roof snow guard systems available that can help to mitigate these issues. In most cases, a Fence-Style Snow Guard is installed at the eave, below the solar panels, retaining the snow and ice as we would on any slippery roof surface.

Please keep in mind that our method does require that there be AT LEAST 12” of exposed roof eave (and preferably more) below the edge of the solar panels to allow for the Fence Style Snow Guards to fit. A representative at Rocky Mountain Snow Guards would be happy to design a system and recommend a product for your specific situation. For more information or to obtain a layout, please contact our snow retention design experts, or fill out the Snow Guard Layout Request form to get started with a quote.

Recommended Fence-Style Snow Guard Systems