About Rocky Mountain Snow Guards

Protecting People and Property with permanent, attractive, and effective snow retention products and designs is the mission of RMSG.

While selling roofing materials in the mountains of Colorado in the early 2000’s, Lars Walberg, the founder of RMSG, saw a need for good snow retention representation in the area.  In 2004 he went to work as an independent representative for Alpine SnowGuards of Vermont.  During the next 6 years representing Alpine, Lars learned much about roof-top snow retention while designing and selling hundreds of snow retention systems for all types of roofs to contractors throughout Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.  

In 2010, Lars broke away from Alpine to form his own company.  From our humble beginnings re-selling SnowTrapper snow guards and the simple Drift bolt down snow fences, RMSG has grown to become a highly respected manufacturer of snow retention products and the largest distributor of S-5!® snow retention systems in the rocky mountain west.  

Today, RMSG is one of just a small handful of snow retention manufacturers in the US that design and manufacture custom snow retention solutions for every type of roof.  But unlike our competitors, RMSG is focused solely on rooftop snow retention.  We don’t get distracted with attachment products for solar panels, rooftop ventilation products or gutter products.  

Through our journey in rooftop snow retention, we have learned what works and what doesn’t.  We learned that traditional spread patterns of snow guards for shingle roofs don’t work well on synthetic roofing products.  So, we developed and tested our soldier-row pattern and found that it works exceptionally well.  We learned that adhering snow guards to metal roofs works OK sometimes but not all the time.  So, we eliminated adhesive fastening from our designs.  We learned that plastic snow guards become brittle and yellow over time.  So, we eliminated plastic snow guards from our product line.  In 2014, we introduced the Rocky Guard style snow guard.  It is the strongest snow guard available, period. The Rocky Guard has been copied by both TRA Snow and Sun and Alpine SnowGuards.  A true testament to our design capabilities.

Our mission is simple: Permanent, Attractive, Effective.  If it doesn’t meet those criteria, we don’t do it.  We will continue to observe, test and innovate.

Since our founding, RMSG has sold millions of snow guards, and many thousands of snow fence and snow bar systems throughout the US and Canada.   Our customer service team is second to none.  Our design professionals are highly experienced and top-notch.   Our manufacturing capabilities are outstanding.  Our logistics team understands the importance of shipping complete, accurate snow retention orders as quickly as possible, packaged so parts arrive in excellent condition.

Since 2010, RMSG has designed and sold thousands of snow retention systems.  Our knowledge of rooftop snow retention continues to grow and that is reflected in the continuous evolution of our extensive product offering.

Our key employees include:

General Manager: Nathan Hoza

Customer Service Manager: Ariel Preuitt

Logistics Manager: Brian Cross

Design Team Manager: Daniel Reese