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The 15 luxurious Royal Elk Villas, built in 2012, faced the challenge of replacing cracked concrete tile roofs. The area averages about 20 feet of snow each season. Every spring broken tiles would need to be replaced. Heavy snow loads, ice dams, shifting snow, ice pack and rooftop traffic all contributed to the breaking tiles.

Desmond Tse has 20 years experience as a self-taught solo siding contractor.

This summer he became a self-taught roofer.

Tse used ST9 snow guards on his first roofing project.

The church has 740 families, so protecting them was the highest priority for the Weather-Tite Exteriors crew that relies on Rocky Mountain Snow Guards for snow retention solutions.

"Experience and expertise keep us coming back to Rocky Mountain Snow Guards," says Josh Yandle, owner/operator of Umbrella Roofing company based in Eagle, Colorado.
Rocky Mountain Snow Guards has the most experience with DaVinci synthetic roofs of any snow retention manufacturer. We know what works because we have observed both excellent and poor performing snow retention systems. We condensed that knowledge in our snow retention guides for each DaVinci product.
Introducing the AMAZING YETI Snow Guard. Bigger and Stronger, but still Beautiful.
RMSG introduces the Yeti series of snow guards. The Yeti series combines greater strength and larger pad area like the RG with the half-round style of the ST.
RMSG Has Designed Hundreds of Solar Panel Snow Fence Systems!
Snow Fences by RMSG are a great, cost-effective solution to snow sliding off of roof solar panels. Snow collects BELOW the panels, making sure there is no shadowing of the solar panels, while protecting the area below the roof.
Rocky Mountain Snow Guards NoFlash III snow fences protect congregation at ski area chapel.
The iconic old main structure at Utah State built in 1889 now features a beautiful new DaVinci roof and Rocky Mountain Snow Guards.
A question we see from time to time here at Rocky Mountain Snow Guards involves customers that have had snow guards installed and are still having issues with the snow coming off of their roof. A pesky issue for sure. There are a few things you need to consider if this is a problem you are experiencing.