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The snow guards on this Walgreens in Utah illustrate the problems associated with adhered clear plastic snow guards
We take pride in designing and producing the best snow guards and snow fences you will find on the market – these products are only made possible through extensive research and closely following the needs and requirements of our customers.
"If I fasten through the roofing product, won't my roof leak?"
We're confident that our retro-fit snow guard installation method will provide secure, leak-proof attachment for the life of the roof.
One of the many requests we see all the time has to do with snow retention for solar panels. In most areas, solar installers will design a solar array without any consideration as to snow retention and slide mitigation.
Snow fence accessories include tubing, couplers, caps and accessories. Roof snow fences are used some applications instead of snow guards .
If you have a project that needs an integrated snow retention system, look no further than Rocky Mountain Snow Guards!
This project showcases our ability here at Rocky Mountain Snow Guards to design systems based not only on the need of an effective snow retention solution, but also to add to the overall beauty of the project.
In areas where snow accumulates over the course of the winter and where ice dams are a common occurrence, protecting just a portion of an eave is a bad idea.