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If you have a project that needs an integrated snow retention system, look no further than Rocky Mountain Snow Guards!
This project showcases our ability here at Rocky Mountain Snow Guards to design systems based not only on the need of an effective snow retention solution, but also to add to the overall beauty of the project.
In areas where snow accumulates over the course of the winter and where ice dams are a common occurrence, protecting just a portion of an eave is a bad idea.
Most structures built in snow country have been engineered to support the snow loads expected for the area.  Some, especially buildings built many years ago, may not have been built to today's standards.
Snow Retention is all about safety... but we do care about good looks, too!
There are many snow guards available that are meant for more industrial-type installations, usually of the plastic variety, but we would never recommend those be used on your beautiful home.
The patented SnowTrapper snow guard design has been manufactured and installed since 1997.
Snow Guards eliminate damage to rooftop elements and seams on Standing Seam Roofs
Answering the question - Why Do I Need Snow Guards? #1 answer is they eliminate damage to rooftop elements and seams on Standing Seam Roofs
Each roof snow retention project requires specific attention to material choices and proper system styles
The experts at RMSG explain the differences between various Snow Guard materials like copper, aluminum and raw steel for roof snow retention applications.
Raw metal snow guards are designed to age with your corrugated metal panel roof
Rocky Mountain Snow Guards offers snow guards for metal roofs of all types and snow fences for metal roofs including standing seam and metal shingles
Long-term durability is a high priority for our metal snow guards
Snow Guard Testing and Snow Guard load tests are the basis for our Snow Guard Calculator which we use daily at Rocky Mountain Snow Guards.