ColorGard®/X-Gard® Adapter

Bar-Style Snow Guard Accessory

The ColorGard®/X-Gard® Adapter is used to mount the Colorgard Bar-Style or X-Gard fence-style bolt-down snow retention systems to the appropriate base plate roof mount for your snow retention project.  Can be used with Single Ply and NoFlash base plates.

The ColorGard®/X-Gard® Adapter is bolted to a Base Plate (sold separately) with two(2) bolts, providing the platform mount for the S-5!® Colorgard® Bar cross-member or Nex2.0 Pipe.  The S-5!® VersaClip™ (sold separately) required to attach the ColorGard Bar.

Each component of the ColorGard® Bar-Style system is sold separately to provide the flexibility of a snow retention system to accommodate your specific project's needs.  Contact us for more information!

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Available Material & Finish

  • Mill Finish Aluminum

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