Teks® HTZ™ Metal Screws for CorruBracket

Four Self-Drilling, Self-Sealing Screws

For fastening to metal under-structure.
CorruBracket requires 4 screws for proper fastening to metal under-structure (purlins).

The Teks® Maxiseal® HTZ™ Metal Screw provides a secure steel-to-steel fastening, creating a waterproof seal with the included neoprene washer. The premium finish is exceptionally corrosion resistant and perfectly suitable in the harsh environments where Rocky Mountain Snow Guards snow retention systems are installed.

Installation tips:

  • 1/4" Hex head, non-slotted screws, installed with a standard screw gun with a depth sensitive nose piece.
  • For optimal performance, screw gun should be a minimum of 4 amps and 0-2000 RPM.
  • Fastener must penetrate beyond metal a minimum of 3 pitches of thread
  • Over-driving may result in torsional failure of fastener or strip-out of substrate

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