S-5!® H90 Clamp

Standing-Seam Clamp

S-5!® H90 Clamp Video
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S-5!® H90-Clamp

The S-5!® H90 clamp is designed for standing seam panels with horizontal, single-folded seams greater than 0.65" (16.5 mm).  The setscrews are top-down oriented instead of side-install.

The H90 clamp fits all standing seams that the S-5-U clamp fits horizontally and fits fully seamed profiles that the S-5-H fits vertically, but is more cost-effective.

Included stainless steel hardware consists of 2 setscrews and 1 M8 bolt.

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Available Material & Finish

  • Mill Finish Aluminum

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S-5!® H90 Clamp with setscrew(2) & M8 bolt(1)

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