Roof Snow Retention Is Our Only Focus

Protect People & Property!

Our Roof Snow Retention Systems Help...

  • Prevent dangerous "avalanching" of snow & ice 
  • Prevent ice "damming" build-up at roof's edge
  • Prevent damage to gutters & eaves
  • Match snow retention to your roof type
  • Provide durable, long-lasting protection

Keep Roof Snow In Its Place

Roof snow guards and snow fences are designed to help keep snow on your roof, helping to prevent sudden, potentially dangerous releases of snow and ice. These specially-designed metal devices are mounted directly to the roof structure, forming barriers and adding extra friction to keep snow in place until it can safely melt and dissipate.

Rocky Mountain Snow Guards, Inc. is a full service roof snow guard manufacturer and distributor. Our in-house design & layout experts are committed to helping you find the best snow retention system for any roof type.

Snow retention systems attach to roofs and prevent roof avalanches.


See what our customers say:

Quality for a fair price.

Great quality and easy to assemble.

Doug E.

"Thank you so very much!  This is by far the best quote we’ve seen for snow retention in terms of the detail/drawings."

Kim M.

Single Ply Colorgard Bracket / System  ~~  Good product for membrane roof

I used these to add snow bars to a membrane roof with slight pitch. In MA winters, the snow ices up then slides off the edge of the roof. I installed with #14 screws. I was able to hit rafters with one pair of screws, and the other 3 screws went into plywood only. Very sturdy assembly, it's not going anywhere no matter the load.

Jeff S.
Customer - Massachusetts

S-5! ColorGard Unpunched Bar - Great Quality

All of the components are milled accurately with tight tolerances and great appearance.

The ColorStrips have very accurate dimensions with a very uniform color.  They match the existing ColorStrip that was installed 2 years ago.

Paul L.
Customer, New York

"Just want to say you have a great team.

Very pleased with the quick response from them."

John K.

5 out of 5 Stars

Used the S-5-N clamp for starlink mount and cable management.  Worked beautifully.

Great clamp, strong, does not damage roof.  Customer service is excellent!

Daniel P.

5 Stars - Great Product!

Ordered S-5 ColorGard bar system.  Install was quick and easy.

Michael W.
La Crosse, WI

"The installation went very smoothly and I was very impressed with the product."

Greg D.
Customer - Parkdale, Oregon

Good product, great seller!

Used to mount XR10 IronRidge rails for a solar panel install on a metal standing seam room. Very easy to install and heavy duty. Sent a sample free of charge so I could test the fit beforehand and have the best retail price I could find anywhere!

Andrew F

5 Stars - Good Company and Product!

Customer service and product were great, easy ordering!  Will definitely buy again for snow guard needs.

Jonathan C.

ST11 Snow Guards on Brava Tile

Looking for a custom look for a custom project.  The snow guards look good and work good.  I would not say they work great, but we did not overload the project with them.

Jason K.

5 Stars - Snow Bar System

Great product, excellent customer service and shipping.  The best people to deal with.

Stephen G.
New Hampshire