Snow Guards

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Rocky Mountain Snow Guards is proud to be the distributor and custom layout designer for the patented SnowTrapper line of Snow Guards for roofs. The SnowTrapper is available in a number of configurations for use on many roofing products. SnowTrapper products are available in Copper and Kynar-Coated Aluminum Snow Guards. Exceptionally strong, The SnowTrapper Design has been proven in over 15 years of real-world experience.

ST18 Snow Trapper Snow Guard
ST18 Snow Guard

(IN STOCK) The snow guard for new installations on slate, shake, cedar shingle, synthetic slate and shake, and new tile roofs.

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Rocky Guards RG9
RG9 Snow Guard

An innovative snow guard for new installations on metal panels, natural slate and shake, and synthetic slate and shake.

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Snow Trapper CP5 Snow Guard
CP5 Snow Guard

(IN STOCK) TA time-tested, strong, inexpensive polycarbonate snow guard for use with metal panel and metal shingle roofs.

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Metal Snow Guard for Corrugate Roofs

(IN STOCK) The perfect fitting and strongest snow protection option for any corrugated steel roof.

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